Meals in Ebeltoft

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you would like to have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in Ebeltoft there is a lot of options.

One of the great things about living in Ebeltoft is the fact that it is easy to get a good meal at a fair price.

A tip worth remembering no matter were you are, is “align your expectations with the general prices, in the place you are staying” I moved to Ebeltoft years ago, and I have almost always had a good experience when I go out, but I know what is reasonable to expect and I have patience when I go out dining in the high season.

Do remember to order a table in advance, during high season there is high demand and during low season some of the chiefs go home if there is no reservations in the books.

Dist. = Distance from ibsens gaard to the place either from googl.maps or from measuring the last walk I made to the restaurant.

All information has been found on the restaurants own websites in the beginning of 2023, and will not be updated here throughout the year. Please check there restaurants own website for amendments in phone numbers, opening hours and other information. Several places change their menu and opening days during the season. I.e. Italia is only open some nights during winter, but we hope to enjoy our lunch there this summer as we have done a lot of times before.

Cafe Moeslund(+45)22199222300 mx
Cafè LøCroQ(+45)61164732300 mxxx
Aoife Coffeeno phone500 mx*
Ristorante Italia(+45)86344430500 mxx
Restaurant Stockfleth(+45)31709462500 mxx
Restaurant Mellem Jyder(+45)86341123650 mxx
Karens Køkken på Fregatten(+45)40194548800 mxxx
NAMU Sushi(+45)424884001 kmx
Lundbergs Spisehus på Maltfabrikken(+45)313601481,2xxx
Cafe Bageriet(+45)863410711,2 kmxx
Kjøbstaden(+45)538980801,2 kmxx
FRK Kejser Cafe & Restaurant(+45)231000901,2 kmxx
Alex’s Pizzabageri & Café(+45)863434001,2 kmxx
Strandvejens Konditorino phone2,7 kmx

* This café doesn’t serve breakfast, but has some delicious bread and cakes they can be bought when they open early in the morning until they close.

Outside Ebeltoft you will find other options, that is worth a visit.

Restaurant Moment12,5 kmOnly online reservation, Michelin Green Star 2022
Molskroen Brasserie10 kmClose to Femmøller Beach
Molskroen Gourment10,2 km200 meter from Brasseriet, Michelin Green Star 2022
Restaurant Skovmøllen12 kmOld fashion traditional Danish food, family owned
restaurant located at an old water mill

Yes there are other places you can dine, this is just a selection so you do not have to go to bed hungry.