Cancellation and amendment

Terms of cancellation and amendment

If you would like to cancel your stay and get your prepayment refunded, then it is possible you just have to cancel it the correct way. Please note we do not have online booking, so if you have made an online reservation then you have made it we one of our 2 partners or their subcontractors. We don’t get access to your credit card information, so it is very important you cancel/amend via them if you booked using your credit card otherwise you will not get a refund from the agent.

AirBnb &

Log onto your online account (AirBnB/ to make the necessary change. If you encounter log on or other problems, you will have to contact the customer service of the company you have booked a room via.

Why ? We are not allowed to cancel nor amend reservations on your behalf, it is the rules of the booking agent, and it is made for your safety. We can request an change, if it is made a long time prior to arrival, but you will still have to log on to validated the change within a short deadline, so you will have to log on anyway, to approve the change in arrival/departure. We cannot request changes/cancelations on the day of arrival it is against the rules of the agent.

How many days in advance/if you can change your booking, depends on the type of booking you have made. If you have made a low price non-refundable or last minute reservation then it cannot be refunded. If you have made a flexible reservation at a higher rate then you can change/cancel, but you will have to check the information you have received from the agent for details.

Direct reservations

Can only be made by SMS, email, WhatsApp or phone (if the coverage is good enough) we don’t have any online booking and we don’t get access to you credit card nor your bank information.

We send a confirmation by e-mail along with an invoice with our terms of stay and cancellations. Please check the pdf attachment for what information you need to forward in order to get the refund.

Our standard amendment/cancelation terms are 7 days prior to arrival, if you have made a reservation for a maximum for 2 rooms. You have to forward the cancelation/amendment to us by email, no later than 12.00 noon 7 days in advance. Please note we will deduct a handling fee when we refund the payment.

We are a very small place in a tourist town.
If we get the chance to resell the room then we are more flexible. Please note out of season our guest book pre-book a long time in advance, because they participate in events, meaning it is difficult for us to resell the rooms. After 18.00 most online agent state our place as sold out, even though we have rooms available, making it difficult to resell when we receive late cancellations.

Please note we use more than one online agency so one may state we are sold out when we still have vacancies, if a room is not cancelled correctly online, then it will not be reopened for sale and thus not be possible to resell/refund.