Contact us


Send an SMS to (45) 29717118 the phone is open from 08.00 until 21.00 ( we are out of reach from the 12-19 oct. both days incl)

Text messages is preferred to calls and emails.

The reason is simple, we have very poor cellphone coverage in our lovely part of Denmark, and an conversation normally is a bit tricky, as we will have to fin the right spot outside for it.

I don’t have any staff and as I have a lot to take care of. I’m working where there the coverage is very poor so it will be difficult. But if you text me, then you will normally get a fast reply (within 30 min).

During high season and busy days I can only answer text messages from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. because I’m cleaning. Answering calls delays cleaning hens also delays check-in. (I have to remove gloves and go outside to find a spot with a decent signal, and you are probably not the only one calling with a “swift” 20 min question about the best hiking tracks 😉

Remember the door is locked at all times, in case you arrive after 21.00 when the phone is off, you will need an access code to pick up you room key.