Frequently asked questions in English.

When is check-in possible ?

From 18.00 until 21.00

Or earlier if I’m done cleaning before 18.00.

Remember always to forward your time of arrival, as the door is locked. After cleaning I have other jobs to do and I might not be at the premises unless I know I have check-in.

In case of arrival after 21.00 you need to have an access code.


Can I check-in before 18.00 ?

You are welcome to forward realistic check-in requests, but I cannot promise anything in advance. I’ll of course do my best.

If you have informed me that you arrive in Ebeltoft before 18 o’clock, then I’ll let you know when I’m done cleaning and ready for check-in.


Can I check-in Sunday at 11.00 ?

Saturday is normally very busy so it is not possible to check-in at 11.00 on Sunday.

Check-out is at 10.00 and it takes time before I’m done receiving payment for beverages, cleaning rooms and faclities.

If you need to participate in an event at Ebeltoft Church Sunday I recommend that you book the room from Saturday to Monday in order to get early access Sunday.

When is check-out ?

Check-out no later than 10.00

What to do at self service check-out ?

  • Fil out the purchase formula and place money for purchased beverages in the room
  • Close the windows
  • Make sure you have all you things
  • Lock the room door
  • Place the room key in the letterbox next to the laundry basket
  • Place dry linen in the wooden laundry basket
  • Place moist towels other laundry basket
  • Make sure the front door is closed and locked behind you

What to do at personal check-out ?

  • Fil out the beverage formular and bring it with you
  • Close the windows
  • Make sure you have all you things
  • Lock the room door
  • Place dry linen in the wooden laundry basket
  • Place moist towels other laundry basket
  • Press the check-out doorbell next to the laundry basket
  • Remember to give me the room key
  • Payment for beverages it possible with credit card and cash DKK equal money only

Will my room be cleaned during my stay ?

Inhouse cleaning is not included and I’ll will not enter your room during your stay to clean.

Can I buy breakfast ?

Café LøCroq offers breakfast for our guest from DKK 85,- per person in 2022, the café is only 300 meters from us, closer than most breakfast restaurants in lager hotels. Their selection is organic and the view of the harbor is fantastic. You need to book your table in advance (+45)61164732.

100 meters further down the harbor Apelgren Jordt Coffee offers a selection of bread, cake, thea and coffees. The open and closes earlier than the other.

You can also purchase food and fresh bread from Kvickly to enjoy in the shared kitchen here.

For larger groups it is possible to preorder breakfast to be served at ibsens gaard.

Can I rent linen and towels ?

Yes it is possible to rent linnen and towels but it is expensive.

Our current cost for getting the linen picked up, washed and brought back from the laundry is higher than what we charge you for 1 nigh stay.

Can I use a sleeping bag ?

No, we do not allow sleeping bags and blankets.

It is mandatory to use, sheets on all beds, pillow covers on all pillows and duvet covers on all duvets. If we need to clean the duvets, pillows, bedcovers, mattress, topmattress or other after your stay there will be an additional cleaning fee.

Do you have single rooms ?

Yes it is a twin room.

And the environmental price is the same for 1 as for 2 person as you bring your own bed linen and towels. The difference in price is when you need to rent it from us as it is quite expensive.


There are a lot of rules regarding illness and vacation, as we don’t have employees we cannot assist you please contact your union in regards to compensatory holiday, we know that people working for Danish companies has to contact their employer to call in sick.

Can you risk having to replace something here?

Yes, if you leave the room or common facilities in a condition that is not acceptable according to the agreement or if you damage, equipment, service, furniture, buildings or lose the room key.

As for the room keys, they are system keys and they are incredibly expensive to replace. So remember to hand the keys at check-out, you can almost live here for a month at the cost of replacing one room key.