Security (Eng)

Fire security and other important information

For your and other guest security there are some rules we need to follow to prevent dangerous situations.


  • You are not allowed to place luggage or anything else at the escape routes nor in front of the fire doors
  • Do not place glasses, bottles or other similar items in the window
  • Smoking and candles are not allowed
  • If you use the bonfire you need to stay with it until there until the fire and all embers are completely gone
  • Children are very welcome, but all stays are the responsibility of the parents, our place is not childproof
  • Our garden isn’t childproof, climbing on the bunker is not permitted

Important in relation to an evacuation

We always need to know the total amount of persons that is present at ibsens’ gaard, no matter what age, it is very important in case of an evacuation.

Short explanation for floor plan – for the room part.

The room corridor is an escape route.

The 2 doors at the end of the room corridor are magnetic and they need to be able to close automatically. If you want to close these doors to get some extra silence, then you need to use the release button on the wall.

The door in the stuen/”tekøkkenet” (living room/kitchen) towards the garden is an fire door and is not to be used as a ordinary entrance/exit, it is only for emergencies.

The fire hose next to the toilets are only to be used by staff from Ebeltoft Brand- og Redning. (Fire Department) see other options in your room.

It is possible to use your room windows as an escape in case of fire. To do this you need to open the child lock on the window (only in case of fire) as you brake the seal. Open all latches and then place the children’s latch in an upright position BEFORE you open the window, when you open the windows completely, the small plastic seal will break when you do this.

This is a children latch

In all rooms you will find a floor plan with explanations