Access code

Check-in using an access code

For check-in after 21.00 or other times when we are out of reach (working, participating in an event, kayaking, or hiking in places without phone coverage)

All information about check-in has been forwarded to you on the day of arrival. This is done when check-in is possible, if we are gone for a longer period of time.

If we are only gone for an hour, and no check-in as been arranged, then we don’t forward access codes.

How you receive the information depends on how you have reserved your stay at ibsens gaard.

Reservations made directly (via SMS)

The information has been forwarded to you via the same email as you have received the confirmation and invoice for prepayment for the stay.

Reservation made online via AirBnB

The information has been forwarded to your AirBnB inbox.
Log on to your app/account to find the information. If you have log on problems, please contact AirBnB customer support they can access your inbox.

Online via

The information has been forwarded via
Log on to your account and go to messages. You can also check your email as often forward the messages from the APP to our guests email account. If you have problems regarding log on or finding the email, please contact’s customer service, they can see all messages.

Online via Agoda

You will have to call Agoda customer service, as they have chosen not to spend time informing the place of accommodation about your contact information, nor do they forward messages from us to you.

From the moment we received your reservation via we have tried to make them get in touch with Agoda in order to receive your contact information.

We have tried to block this agent, as we believe the offer a very bad costumer service, but as they use so it isn’t possible.

Agoda has accepted that they need to inform all their guest that thy have to contact us prior to arrival. In case you have missed this message or forgotten to contact us, then your only option now is to contact Agodas customer service and wait for Agoga to access messages system.

We have forwarded all the information to the APP so it is available for Agoda, and they could forward it to you.

On the very rare occasions were successfully made Agoda call us back, we have politely asked them for their customer service number but they were not willing to tell us, they said it is stated in the customers confirmation and that we could google it (they called from blocked number).