I forgot to arrange check-in

UPS I forgot to arrange check-in. Now I’m here and the door is locked!

If you arrive between 18-21 the door is locked and there is no response when you try the doorbell (make sure it lights red when you press and wait it is a big house).

What to do??


  • THIS IS IBSENS GAARD, IS THIS THE PLACE YOU HAVE BOOKED FOR TONIGHT? In our experience a lot of guest end up here but has actual booked a room somewhere else.

Often it is Danhostel Ebeltoft (Vandrehjem) their address is Egedalsvej 5, they are located near the European Film Colleage.

If you have booked a room at ibsens gaard, but have forgotten to arrange check-in

  • Then check the window at your left for information. I might just be at shop to pick up some necessaries and will be back shortly

In case of arrival after 21.00 or in other cases of self service check-in all information about check-in has already been forwarded to your earlier (on the day of arrival) READ MORE